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RO50-P: 5 Stage RO with Pump PRICE: £265 inclusive

50 gpd ro systems with pump

Economical: The simplicity & quality of the RO50-P reverse osmosis system provides water at less than 25p per 100 litres

Extras: Pump bossts pressure to 70 psi, ideal for low pressure areas

Big Capacity: Witha a 50 GPD membrane and its 16 litre storage vessel it provides enough water for 6 people

Easy to Fit : Full instructions and all parts means its a easy DIY job to install

Running Cost: Low running costs, uses standard filters & membrane

The RO 50-P: 5 stage 50GPD RO System (use with any water pressure)

The RO50-P comes complete with a CP tap, drain connector, 16 litre storage vessel, all the necessary tubes & fittings plus complete instructions. The RO50-P is the complete simple, economical answer to your families needs for the purest water available for drinking & cooking.

The purification process starts with a 5 micron pre-filter to remove & reduce large particles. The booster pump increase the pressure to the optimum level for the best production rates and highest water quality. The two stages of carbon filtration:- GAC & Block removing chlorine's, pesticides, VOC's, THM's, and smaller particulates. The TFC membrane then separates out the remaining contamination in the water and this is passed to the drain, while the pure water is stored for use in the 16 litre storage vessel. When you require water the water in the 16 litre storage vessel is immediately available for use. It passes through the fifth stage filter just before its dispensed via the tap.

To prevent waste the RO is equipped with a "auto shut-off" valve. Sensing when the 16 litre storage vessel is full it shuts down the system & switches off the pump preventing un-necessary water going to waste. The moment you open the tap it will re-activate the system to start producing water again, until the 16 litre storage vessel is once again full.

Reverse Osmosis needs decent water pressure (above 40psi) to make it work at an acceptable level of performance. If you pressure is low then this system with a pump is ideal. Its also a slow process this is why there is a need for a storage vessel with most systems.

Reverse Osmosis Systems waste a certain amount of water. The contaminants, along with waste water are passed to the drain when the unit is running. However this is far greener solution than the cost & waste in producing bottled water, puting it in plastic containers, transporting it and disposing of the waste, not to mention the actually going to the shops to buy it.

The RO 50-P dimensions & spares

Main RO Unit (filters & mounting bracket) 580mm high x 380mm wide x 210mm deep
16 Litre Storage Vessel 380mm high x 240mm diam


Buy New Stage 1 Pre-Filter (change every 6 months) £5.00
Buy New Stage 2 Pre-Carbon Filter (change every 6 months) £12.00
Buy New Stage 3 Carbon Filter (change every 6 months) £11.00
Buy New Stage 4 50 GPD Membrane (change every 24-36 months) £35.00
Buy New Stage 5 Post-Carbon Filter (change every 12 months) £12.00



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