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The Homewater ST PRICE: £450 inc vat & delivery


Economical: The simplicity & quality of simple timer softener.

Time Clock :Simple plug in timer regenerates every day to provide all the soft water need for up to 4 people.

Adjustable Capacity:Set for 3 to 4 people .

Compact Size: Will fit easily into standard kitchen cabinets.

Cost Saving: Only 22 litres of water per regeneration.

Running Cost: Average running cost per 1000 litres of softened water is 24p

Suitable for Gravity fed & Combi boiler installation.

The Homewater ST (simple time clock)

The Home Water ST softener provides soft water at a economical price.

With a flow rate of 30 l/p/m (at 1 bar drop) this compact unit is ideally suited for small to medium sized households who do not require high flows. This softener is suitable for installations with gravity fed hot water or Comib boilers.

Its high efficiency regeneration is adjustable to three positions for varying hardness. Using only 22 litres of water, 500g of salt & 11 mins to regenerate this softener this softener is very efficient.

This softener can use normal granular salt or tablet salt, however we recommend the tablet type for ease of use.

The Homewater ST dimensions, specifications & prices



485 mm




440 mm

  Width inc hoses   290 mm  

Salt used per regen




Water used per regen


22 litres

  Maximum flow rate   30 l/p/m  
  People @ 300ppm   5  

Capacity at 300ppm


1500 lit


Salt storage


15 kilos

  PRICE   £450  
  Buy via e-mail or give us a call

Included with this softener:
Water test kit, Drain hose, Overflow hose.

Select your softener add your kit if you need one and the call us or e-mail to order.

Installation kits available with this softener:

Installation kit with: 15mm 3 valve installation kit with flexible hoses add £20
Installation kit with: 15mm 3 valve installation kit with flexible hoses add £30 (full bore)
Installation kit with: 22mm 3 valve installation kit with flexible hoses add £35 (full bore)
Installation kit with: 15mm flexible hoses only add £15
Installation kit with: 22mm flexible hoses only add £20
Installation kit with: 22mm 3 valves for rigid pipe-work add £30 (full bore)


Flow Rate Information:

Different sized connections to your softener will affect the rate of water flow. The best flows are achieved with rigid pipe work, this offers the least resistance to the water. Using flexible hoses reduces the flows as the internal bore is smaller than that of rigid pipe work. In most cases such as homes with Combi Boilers & Gravity Fed (tanks in the roof) systems hoses a quite adequate, however where the highest flow rates are required the best results will be achieved by using rigid pipe work.

Standard hoses 18 litres per min, 15mm pipe 20 litres per min, 22mm Hoses 27 litres per min, 22mm pipe 30 litres per min.

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