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Featured product this month is the plumbed-in under counter water filter.


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Better & more convenient than a jug. The under counter plumbed-in water filter provides clean better tasting water 24/7 365 days a year, yet only costs a few pence per day to run and maintain.

Compare cost:- with cartridges costing from £14.00 and lasting for 6 months, how much would you spend on jug filters in the same period?
Compare the convenience:- Just press the tap and the water flows, and flows, and flows, no messing re-filling and getting it in & out of the fridge.
Compare the effectiveness:- Our cartridges can remove a much broader spectrum of contaminants that any jug filter, including bacteria, aluminum, heavy metals & nitrates.


Welcome to our water treatment site. Your one stop shop for water softeners, water filters, water purifiers, reverse osmosis systems and much much more. As well as having probably the largest range of water softeners UK wide, we also specialise in other product. Reverse Osmosis systems for pure water, UV (Ulra-Violet) systems for bacteria free water. Water filters from all the best manufacturers. Plus many other forms of water treatment.

We all know the effects of hard water, "hard water stains" a water softener removes the hard calcium & magnesium minerals from the water leaving you with luxurious soft water.

A simple water filter will reduce water pollution especially over chlorination that makes water tastes like the local swimming pool. More sophisticated filters will reduce lead and other metals, nitrates and other inorganic contamination.

But if you want the purest water available and don't like drinking pesticides, herbicides & heavy metals, a reverse osmosis purification system will give you ultra pure water to drink and to cook with.

On our site you'll find a product to solve most water contamination problems, along with comprehensive prices on water softeners, water filters, reverse osmosis systems, water filters, components, Autotrol, Fleck & Siata valved units. Dedicated pages of information on water softening & the water softener, water purification by reverse osmosis, water filtration. Plus our Contacts & Links page will take you to sites which offer impartial advice on many of the products we sell and it will list some of our competitors so you can compare our prices, quality and services against some of the leading manufacturers such as Culligan Water Softeners and Kinetico Water Softeners. Click on the "Enter our site" at the top of the page or on any of the blue links on the left.

On our site you will find products to solve most water treatment problems. We carry & have access to spare parts & replacements for most water treatment products. If you don't find what your looking for phone or e-mail with your requests.


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